Interior designing is to make your indoor beautiful by determining more space and selecting essential and decorative items, like colours, lighting, and materials. It involves the creation of floor plans, furniture layouts, colours etc. For making your home look astonishing interior designs use tools – their tools for the trade.

  1. Colour Wheel –

When first meeting a client, interior designers take a colour wheel with them in order to explain which colours work harmoniously together. The colour wheel reveals the dealings of primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

  1. Swatches and Samples –

Interior designers keep a book of collection of fabric pieces to help the client select the right material for soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains etc. Taking the physical sample of fabric is significant so that the client can feel the texture, rather than just looking at images. This will help the client to choose better.

  1. Paint Chips –

Interior designers use the paint chips in order to select room colours and coordinate paint colours with fabric, furniture and accessories.

  1. Measuring tape –

The measuring tapes are used to verify and calculate the dimensions of spaces and fittings/furnishings. Rigid tapes are used to measure straight lengths whereas the cloth tapes are used for calculating the curved and angled surfaces.

  1. Portfolio –

Interior designers can easily promote their work using the portfolio tool. The portfolio can either be handy or it can be in the electronic device. A handbook is easily preferred as the clients can feel the work. Through the electronic device, the designers can mail their clients their portfolio.

  1. Software – CAD

Software such as CAD is relatively easy to use in order to enable clients to see their space (home) from different angles in 3D before making any final choices.

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