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M. Kulkarni Builders & Infrastructures is a business group of global scale developing and building responsible infrastructure through next practices.

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About M. Kulkarni Builders & Infrastructures

A smallest of things plays an important role in life when it comes to Home. Janai-balaji is conveniently located in Chhatrapati Nagar at Golden Triangle along Wardha, Nagpur. Janai-balaji is a prime project on Nagpur City. Now, beautifully blending together the conveniences of modern life and health benefits of living close to nature.
We have started our business with Steel Fabrication since from 1991 and supplied to most of the Leading Builders in West Nagpur and Wardha Road. In 1991 we have started Hotel Orion at Chhatrapati Square, Wardha Road, Nagpur.

Kulkarnis Builders & Infrastructure, Kulkarnis Resorts and hotels all are in west Nagpur, Wardha Road, Nagpur. We have completed almost 6 Luxurious Apartments on Wardha Road (Housing Projects schemes) Nagpur. We accommodated 50-55 families at Luxurious Apartments of Unique Developer at Residential Flat on Wardha Road, Nagpur. In Janai-balaji, 60 Premium Flats at West Nagpur, Wardha Raod, Nagpur. To achieve your target, always timing should be perfect. Janai–balaji Luxurious Apartments on Wardha Road. Janai-balaji Luxurious Apartments on Wardha Road scheme at west Nagpur.


Unique Developer was formed on 1996 and dedicated to providing better housing solutions for today at Nagpur Location. Unique Developer has made 3 BHK Luxurious apartments project in Chhatrapati Nagar Wardha Road, Nagpur for those who wish to live healthy. We focus on integrating our engineering skills with our love for aesthetics and environment, to be able to come up with better creations in every detail, every equipment you have, is fulfilled within the limits of economy. For us each venture is a new beginning with a distinct personality, so we engage our team of engineers to study each site and create a project which is in harmony with its surroundings so that you will feel right at home.

Janai-Balaji has special Features: